History of Mosaic

Like many business owners, Mosaic’s story starts with humble beginnings under less-than-ideal circumstances. Without the means to lease our own office, the founders worked from a small file room at a friend’s office for nearly a year. A folding card table, a couple of cheap laptops, and our cell phones were the rudimentary tools we used to build our fledgling business.

At that time, our business model was nothing more than an untested idea. Though we knew of no other professionals taking a similar approach, it seemed like the only logical path to work with successful families. From the beginning, it was clear that our only competitive advantage would be to offer a completely unique service, one that was specifically engineered to meet the underserved needs of business owners and their families. By simply working for a flat, pre-negotiated fee not tied to any other product or service, we believe we have directly aligned our incentives with our client’s goals and stripped away the conflicts of interest prevalent within the professional community. This philosophy was our guiding light when we formed Mosaic and it continues to serve as our true north today.

Mosaic was built to remain independent. Our unique approach extends beyond the way our clients pay us to the way we compensate our own associates. Our team consists of talented professionals who are completely removed from the sales-based incentives prevalent in many industries. Every team member is paid a salary and a bonus based on the profitability of the entire firm. This means we have no internal competition for resources or individual “books of business” and ensures our clients get the very best of our entire team.

By building Mosaic around the concept of long-term advocacy instead of short-term profits, of advice versus transactions, we fully understand that we deliberately created a firm that is not a good fit for the business models of large financial institutions or private equity firms. From our perspective, staying independent is a positive attribute that suits us just fine.

From the earliest days in that file room to our rapidly growing team today, it is hard for us to fully comprehend the growth that we have experienced. This is a direct result of the dedication of our talented team and the unwavering confidence shown by the families we serve. By concentrating our advice exclusively on business owners, our own business acumen has benefited immensely. 

Our clients are bright, ambitious, and industrious entrepreneurs and we are privileged to consistently glean knowledge from them.

This, in turn, has only enhanced the profound respect and admiration we have for those willing to dream big, take risks, and bet on themselves. This virtuous cycle continues to enhance our technical skills, broaden our perspectives, and strengthen our commitment to our clients, their families, and their businesses.

Mosaic thrives whenever uncertainty is present. So long as the business climate evolves, the tax landscape changes, legal paradigms shift, family dynamics remain critical, unnecessary complexity is despised, and objectivity is appreciated – our future is bright. We believe our forward-thinking business model, talented team decades younger than our average client, and succession plan built around younger equity partners already running day-to-day operations virtually ensures Mosaic will be around when our clients and their families need us most.