We dedicate ourselves to fully understanding every aspect of our clients’ financial lives in order to develop a sophisticated plan that meets both their immediate needs and long-term goals. From design through implementation and eventual plan maintenance, we pride ourselves on a tested process that is simple to understand, yet effective. Mosaic possesses the expertise to add value to the most complex situations, the dedication to focus on what is most impactful for successful families, and the courage to build our business on engagements that last for years, not hours.

We measure success over generations, not market cycles.

Mosaic Advisors - Process


We charge a flat fee for our planning services and plans are typically delivered within three months of the initial engagement. Our work, however, often encompasses more than a year’s effort from the initial review and plan design through the ultimate implementation of agreed upon steps. Fees are determined by a combination of family dynamics, complexion of assets, total net worth and planning goals.


Our clients are busy, so we developed an efficient data gathering process that combines personal interviews, collaboration with their team of professional advisors, and the collection of important documents. This data ranges from financial statements to tax returns and legal documents such as Wills, Trust Agreements, and Entity Agreements. In addition to collecting all account statements, we also gather initial cash flow estimates via a detailed questionnaire. Our interview process is essential in helping us understand the “soft issues” unique to each and every family. In addition to clarifying family dynamics and ultimate planning goals, these interviews provide Mosaic greater insight into both cash flow as well as the importance of specific assets.


After collecting all relevant documents and conducting interviews to understand the nuances of a family’s wealth and dynamics, our process turns to financial analysis and an extensive review of all existing planning. Mosaic’s expertise in advanced planning allows us to gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ current circumstances so that recommendations will align and enhance the groundwork which has already been laid. We often have the benefit of hindsight to identify and potentially correct past tax and legal missteps or oversights. Another important aspect of our review process is to analyze existing business holdings and investable assets. This is done in order to thoroughly understand cash flow, growth potential, cost basis, asset allocation, and other potential tax liabilities that can greatly effect plan design.


The trademark of our plan design is the integration of a dynamic cash flow model with sophisticated estate, business and asset protection planning techniques. This financial model must be accurate, yet flexible enough to be refreshed and updated as changes occur in our clients’ personal and financial lives. Mosaic doesn’t employ proprietary strategies, but instead weaves dozens of well-established techniques that make for a successful plan design. We stress-test the viability of each planning recommendation while illuminating potential shortfalls and financial risks. Mosaic conducts this effort on both a pre and post-planning basis to contrast and demonstrate the sustainability of potential strategies. Our commitment to customized design is key to our clients gaining a full understanding of the ramifications of an advanced and thoughtful plan.


Clients often have difficulty understanding financial, legal, and tax strategies, which we believe may be due to the format of the deliverables. Stacks of legal documents and compliance approved sales materials are not adequate when addressing relatively advanced concepts. By contrast, Mosaic is committed to educating our clients via clear, step by step diagrams that directly address the pros and cons of recommended strategies. Illustrations are arranged in a linear format with each step building on the other so that clients can easily understand the comprehensive and interrelated nature of the proposed plan. We then work with our clients to continually refine the recommended steps until a final agreed upon strategy is in place. The outcome of our financial modeling and stress-testing of real life scenarios is clearly enumerated for informed discussion. Our clients see, often for the first time, the ultimate distribution of their estate along with the impact of potential taxes at each generational level. This includes detail of pre and post planning cash flow in order to better understand the viability of a particular investment allocation or estate planning recommendation.


The most difficult and important aspect of a client engagement is plan implementation. We recognize that the majority of existing plans we review rarely reach their full potential and have developed our business model to remedy this issue. Mosaic Advisors does not take the place of tax or legal professionals, but we do serve as a resource and catalyst in order to accomplish complete implementation. We take the responsibility to proactively lead and coordinate with all professional partners, providing a central point of contact to seamlessly move the process forward. In our experience, the devil is in the detail during plan implementation. Mosaic employs a deliberate and methodical process to facilitate all of the small, yet important steps required to correctly and fully execute a plan. The comprehensive and coordinated nature of our efforts is combined with the assurance that your plan will actually get implemented. The conviction to lead the implementation process to fruition is our strong suit and differentiates our offering from the industry norm.


The most overlooked and least emphasized aspect of an effective plan is the required ongoing maintenance. We believe that in order for a plan to be successful, it must be treated like a business. The same continued dedication that applies to compliance within an operating business entity is critical to the long-term success of any comprehensive plan. Once the planning foundation is built, it is important to refresh, revisit and stress test it on a regular basis. Mosaic Advisors has developed a unique platform to facilitate plan maintenance. This service ranges from an annual update of plan assumptions to family governance for younger generations that prepares children and grandchildren for the responsibility of wealth. It also includes administrative items such as entity minutes, board meetings, and required distributions. There is tremendous value in having a team that fully understands every aspect of your financial life and serves as a centralized repository for important documents and data. Mosaic Advisors is privileged to serve as a resource for many successful families and entrusted with the integral role of maintaining wealth for multiple generations.