Mosaic Advisors was quoted in the December 12, 2016 edition of Barron’s Penta Magazine in a story on the IRS’ proposed changes to valuation discounts and its potential to significantly impact families with operating businesses.

The success of many entrepreneurs with closely held firms is often “tied up in the business, and when it comes to estate taxes, they are terrified,” says Brandon Henry, co-founder and director of estate planning at Mosaic Advisors, a family office in Houston. “These are people who often plow every dollar back into their businesses. Discounting has been a way to increase the chances that the business will survive.”…

Click Here to read the full story titled IRS Closing Wealthy Families’ Biggest Tax Break in Barrons Penta Magazine.


We are proud of the team at Mosaic Advisors and their continued dedication to helping successful entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of estate, business transition, and asset protection planning.  We are delighted that Barron’s considers us a resource in the business planning arena and hope to share our expertise in future editions.