One of life’s inescapable truths is that the more successful you are, the more complicated life becomes. For business owners, few things are more complex than the myriad of tax, legal, business, financial, and family issues they confront daily.  Individually, these issues are challenging, but when confronting all of them at once, the complexity can become overwhelming.

Mosaic is dedicated to serving the diverse needs of successful entrepreneurs & their families.


From Bankers to Brokers, Attorneys to Agents, and Accountants to Advisors, there is no shortage of professionals vying to assist business owners with various aspects of their lives. Virtually none of them, however, are incentivized to lead the diverse team of specialists required to affect meaningful change. The hourly billing structure and sales-based compensation of most professionals tends to limit their ability to invest the time and energy necessary to understand all aspects of their clients’ lives.

Most professionals simply lack the financial incentives & organizational framework required to provide truly comprehensive advice.


Mosaic was built upon a completely different business model (click here for Our Story) – to provide unbiased, comprehensive advice in exchange for a transparent, flat-fee. By directly aligning our financial incentives with our clients’ success, conflicts are eliminated and our role as a Fiduciary is greatly enhanced. Our methodology is simple; engagements are based on the actual scale, scope, and complexity of each endeavor. By setting our fees in this manner, we are able to focus our energy, effort, and expertise on client education and advocacy, not salesmanship.

Mosaic was formed upon the premise that compensation & motivation are inextricably linked.


We take our roles as fiduciaries seriously – our only allegiance is to the families we serve. Simply put, we are legally, financially, and ethically bound to always operate in our client’s best interest. Furthermore, we are not committed to affiliations with any other organization or group that could influence the advice we provide the families we serve. Most importantly, our clients pay us directly in the form of transparent, pre-determined, fixed fees.

We engineered our firm to deliver completely unbiased guidance.


Our job is to distill the extraordinarily complex into its most understandable components so that our clients can truly comprehend their current situation and the steps required to achieve their goals. We are responsible for making critical information easy for our clients to digest and tasks simple for them to delegate. With a complete understanding of our clients’ financial and business lives, we are empowered to coordinate their professional team to create an environment of effective communication and proactive collaboration.

Our purpose is to significantly alleviate the personal burden associated with being successful.


Advisors often focus their efforts on clients who have already achieved substantial liquidity, which translates to recommendations that may only address assets such as marketable securities and life insurance. While important, this is effectively the “exhaust” from the economic engine responsible for a family’s success. In direct contrast, we believe that planning is incomplete if it does not include the hard-to-value assets that drive the family forward such as operating businesses, real estate, oil & gas interests, and private equity. For many successful families, their illiquid investments are the most valuable, yet least planned for assets. Advising on these types of holdings is difficult, time consuming, and requires substantial expertise. These constraints are the reason why many advisors do not morph into “planners” until liquidity either exists or is on the horizon.

We focus on providing advice when its most impactful – not just when it is easiest or most convenient.


Most families are referred to us by an existing client or their trusted advisor and tend to share common objectives such as reducing taxes, shielding assets from creditors, effectively transitioning their business, equalizing their estate, educating their family, and efficiently giving to charity.

Due to our specialization, we have found that we deliver the highest value once a family’s success surpasses at least one of the following thresholds.

  • Annual business revenue of $50,000,000
  • Net worth of $100,000,000 (e.g., operating business, real estate, private equity, liquid investments)
  • Annual income of $10,000,000 (e.g., EBITDA, investment income, salary, bonus)
In order to deliver the exceptional value our clients deserve; we limit the number of new engagements we accept each year.


By the time a family is referred to Mosaic, they have already accomplished significant success. They have access to the best professionals that money can buy, and many have already undergone significant planning for their family and business with a team of competent attorneys, accountants, investment, and insurance professionals. Regardless of their past efforts, whether they are extensive or non-existent, we have never met a family who completely understands the inner workings and the real-life consequences of their existing structure. Once shown how their current plan actually works, we have yet to meet a family who is satisfied with the status quo.

These decisions impact everything you own & everyone you love.


We have all heard the adage “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations”. Countless studies have explored the cause of this phenomenon and found that family success does not usually fail because of bad professional advice, onerous taxes, or poor investment decisions. The uncomfortable truth is most families simply lack the ability to understand their current structure and effectively communicate the mechanics, responsibilities, expectations, and opportunities that come with their success. While this cycle may be the norm, it does not have to be.

We provide guidance to business leaders for the benefit of all stakeholders – family, employees, customers, & their communities.


We help families make more informed decisions, simplify their complicated lives, and communicate their most important values.

If our philosophy resonates with you, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how our process may benefit you & your family.