Kayla Lail

Senior Planning Analyst

Kayla serves as Mosaic’s Senior Planning Analyst and is responsible for leading the firm’s planning department. In addition to these duties, Kayla works on our most challenging projects and through this experience, has developed a keen understanding of the tax and legal issues facing successful families. She can turn complicated concepts into simple, easily understandable illustrations, and by doing so, has streamlined how we communicate with our clients. In addition, her ability to impart her knowledge of these advanced strategies and techniques to her colleagues is another exceptionally valuable talent. Kayla joined Mosaic in July 2014 after receiving her B.B.A from the University of Houston and brings a wide variety of experience to the Mosaic team. Those include several years of teaching financial literacy at various Houston organizations as well as working as a legislative analyst for State Representative Sarah Davis during the 86th Texas Legislative Session. As someone who is constantly striving to grow her skill set, Kayla is currently a Master of Social Work Student at the University of Houston.

Originally from Oregon, Kayla moved to Houston in 2012. Outside of work, her interests include live music, vegan cuisine, and playing the ukulele.