Marium Murphy


Marium is a Client Operations Analyst at Mosaic whose responsibilities span all aspects of our clients’ business, financial, & legal lives. This includes maintaining and updating client data such as balance sheets and entity maps to provide an up-to-date financial dashboard for both our clients and our team. In addition, Marium is responsible for tracking client money movements and financial transactions through a myriad of complex legal and financial structures. This comprehensive knowledge of a client’s situation provides Marium, as well as the whole Mosaic team, the ability to provide customized and impactful advice.

Marium joined the team in 2020 as an intern and became a full-time employee January 2022 after receiving her Master of Science in Finance and BBA in Finance with a Minor in Management from the University of Houston. She has passed her CFP exam and is accumulating the work hours necessary to earn her certification.

Outside of the office, she enjoys playing with her dog, Benji, volunteering at BARC, hiking, and baking!