Carrie Cazes


Carrie is a Bookkeeper with Mosaic and senior most in that department. She is responsible for maintaining the books for the various non-operating entities and trusts controlled by our clients. Her duties also include consistent updating of balance sheets and financial reports, maintaining document control, and tracking fund flows across a collection of entities and trusts. In addition, she helps train and review the work of our other bookkeeping associates. Carrie received her Bachelor and Master’s in Geology from Louisiana State University as well as a certification in Bookkeeping. She initially worked as a geologist in the oil and gas industry, working on projects ranging from direct field-based operations to evaluating complex acquisitions and divestitures. Before joining Mosaic, Carrie worked as an accountant in several small businesses and one non-profit organization. A native of Louisiana, she moved to Houston in 2005 and joined Mosaic in July 2020.

In her spare time, Carrie loves to read, practice yoga, cook, and bake.